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Congratulations on joining the World Famous Gauntlets!!

If you have received orders to VAQ-136, your command will receive a Welcome Aboard message for you within about 5 working days. That message will provide you with the name of your Command Sponsor, and their contact information. You should also be receiving a Welcome Aboard package in the mail (if you're coming from outside the Whidbey Island area) and a personal letter from your Command Sponsor within a few weeks. If this hasn't happened, make sure to contact the
Command Sponsorship Coordinator:

Your sponsor is someone who is assigned to assist you settling into your new location. He/she will be the same or close to your rank and the same marital status, if at all possible. This person will be knowledgeable about the local community and the installation; available to assist you and your family for at least two weeks post arrival, and be someone who is positive and outgoing. Your sponsor will:

- Answer any questions which you or your family may have, or provide the proper resources to answer those questions.
- Be available when you arrive at your installation to meet you, show you around, and help you through in-processing (if required).
- Accompany you to your check in point for the unit.
- Introduce you to the Family Center and lending closet.
- Provide essential service locations such as commissary, exchange, gas station, bank etc.
- Be available when you arrive to show you around, and help you through in-processing.

Temporary Lodging

Reservations at the Navy Lodge can be made for PCSing families up to one year in advance with orders. Make arrangements as soon as possible as the summer months are popular. The Navy Lodge is located on the Seaplane Base and is within walking distance to the main Navy Exchange, Commissary, and downtown Oak Harbor. Bachelor quarters are available to incoming personnel and are located on the Ault Field base. The Navy Lodge has limited pet-friendly rooms; the visitor's and bachelor's quarters DO NOT allow pets.


Applications for housing are not accepted in advance as personnel must detach from previous commands prior to being placed on the housing waiting list. For specific information about Navy housing, contact the Housing Office at (800) 799-5484 or (360) 257-3331. Be advised, there is no geo-bachelor billeting available at NAS Whidbey Island.

Billeting for single Sailors (E4 and below) is arranged at Navy Gateway Inns and Suites (Bldg 973). Upon arrival, check-in at the front desk to receive a room assignment in the bachelor quarters. Sailors authorized BAH(married/E5 & above) may make temporary lodging arrangements at the Navy Gateway Inns and Suites, Navy Lodge, or at a local hotel.